Important Notice to Club Calender 20/8/2014

We have made some changes to our calendar and please note the following for October.

Cabonne Council has approved our request to hold two MX Club Championship events in October at “Newhaven Park” and we appreciate this very much thank you Cabonne Council.

Also note the Enduro dates that have been re scheduled due to wet weather.

CMMC August final

News From the Club May 2014

The Club Calender has been updated with some changes

Check it out !!

Also Results from 5hr Enduro has been posted for Seniors

Sprint results 2014

“Round One” MX 13th April 2004

Round one will be held this weekend at “Newhaven Park” at Clergate and the club is looking forward to a great start to the season.

Our riders will be looking to back up and build on last year’s results. Track work has been an ongoing project over the off season and the club is hoping to continue the trend set last year in rider number attendance being over 100 per race meet.
Some of our riders in the club will want a good result this Sunday in build up to the first round of the MX State Titles in Dubbo over Easter.

Sign on is strictly 7.00am to 8.30am and the Canteen will be open for hot food and drinks all day.

Our nipper track will be up and running again with an influx of new riders to the club.

On the 18th May a 5 hour Enduro will be held at “Echo” Lewis Ponds so get your bikes ready for this one.


The following information is for this Sunday 16th Practice Day at “Newhaven Park”

7.15am Sign on & Scrutineering starts
8.30am Sign on & Scrutineering finishes
9.00am Riders Briefing starts
Flag Marshal Muster
9.30am First Practice Starts
4.00pm Finished

rounds x 3 Time
1 Snr Lites A 10
2 Snr 450 B 10
3 65cc 10-u13/65cc 7-9 7
4 Snr Lites B 10
5 Snr 450 A 10
6 85cc 9-u12 7
7 Open All Powers 10
8 Junior Lites A & B 10
9 Over 35″s 10
10 Allpowers B Grade 10
11 85cc 14-u16/12-u14 10

Full Year membership
Family $70
Seniors $35
Juniors $25
One of day membership for Practice Day $10

Day Licences $30

Race/ Practice fees Nippers $20 Juniors $25 Juniors 2nd event $10 Seniors $35 2nd event $10

Training Day 15th February 2014

As part of the clubs’ commitment to junior riders, we have secured the Rankmore Training Program to conduct a 50cc rider training and Kick-start course to be held in Orange on the 15th February 2014. This Training day will NOT be held at the track. Directions will be provided on enrolment.

The Rankmore Training Program is based in Dubbo and aims to promote the sport of Motorcross by giving junior and senior riders support to improve their confidence and ability.

Further details can be found on their website

They will also be holding in conjunction with the 50cc training a ‘Kick-start’ course, so if you’re new to the club or are interested in getting your kids ready for next season now is the time to come along.

Call  Aaron Rankmore
Phone:  (02) 6884 5723
Mobile:  0412 072 001

Or contact Club Vice President John Rowland on 0418 869 252 for further information