Echo Enduro Come Try Day

Thank you to everyone who came out to Echo today to support our Come Try Enduro day. It was particularly fantastic to see so many juniors having a go. We hope you all had a great day! Thanks also to our track markers, Officials, Sweep riders, Medic and canteen. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible.

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Come Try Enduro Recreation Ride Day – Sunday 18 August 2019

Canobolas Motorcycle Club's photo.

Come Try Enduro Recreation Ride Day

Sunday 18th August is the Come Try Recreational Ride day Echo, Lower Lewis Ponds (end of Post Office Lane, see link on this website for  map).
This is an opportunity for riders from age 4 to unlimited aged seniors to cut some laps on a competition level track. Supported by Motorcycling NSW, no race licence is required to attend and ride at this event.
We will have 2 tracks operational on the day.
The day starts at 7.30 with sign on and scrutineering of bikes, closing at 9.00. Then we will brief the riders on rules and how the day will run. First session will commence at around 9/9.30am, with the day concluding around 3pm.
Licenced riders are also welcome to attend on the day.
There is a minimal entry fee for riders to participate.
BRING CASH (there are no EFTPOS facilities).
Other things you need to know:
*Bring suitable riding gear – a helmet in good condition, goggles, gloves, boots etc.
*Scruntineering involves checking your bike to make sure that it is safe for yourself and other riders sharing the track – for example make sure there is no movement in your wheel bearings, levers must not be broken, have bar ends fitted and make sure throttles are self closing (a problem we see often on junior bikes).
*It’s a good idea to bring some spare tubes.
There will be a basic canteen running from mid morning until lunch – hot dogs, sausage sizzle, drinks, chips and lollies.
Oh, did I mention BRING CASH? 🙂
Further questions can be directed to Greg at Morris Motorcyles on 63621955

Hartins Earthmovings Round 4 MX Photos

What a great day for racing yesterday at our Hartins Earthmoving Round 4 MX! We hope everyone enjoyed the day. Thanks again to everyone who helped make it happen, it was especially great to see lots of spectators and some new faces helping out. We hope to see everyone back again on August 25 for Round 5. Thanks to Josie Kearney for her awesome photography work.


Reduced Membership Prices




We have made club memberships a bit cheaper as we only have 3 motocross meetings left for the season.

Family $40

Senior $30

Junior $20

Nipper $15

You must be a member of the club to race so if you need membership you can do your membership through RIDERNET now and then our event will show up and you can enter for Sunday’s race online.

If you are already a club member its easy to sign on now with Ridernet.

We encourage all our riders to sign on through Ridernet as it makes it so much quicker on race morning with no big line ups to sign on.

Ridernet entries close at 11.00pm Friday 26 July 2019

Attention all Enduro riders

In the interests of retaining our existing riders and attracting new people to the sport of Enduro we need your input, feedback and ideas:

• Input – there is an Enduro Come Try Day scheduled for Sunday 18 August 2019. We are concerned that we might not get the interest we were hoping for and were thinking of postponing it until early April 2020 as a feeder to next season. What do you think? Could you please let us know if you think this is a good idea or if you are super keen for the August date and you and 20 of your closest mates are all deadset certain to attend 
• Feedback – please let us know what you think we are currently doing well and shouldn’t change and what you think we could improve
• Ideas – please let us know any ideas that you have that will help us retain and attract riders

Comment on this post on our Facebook page, use the Club’s Messenger or call Greg at Morris Motorcycles on (02) 6362 1955

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Midwest Signs Round 3 Track Photos

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday for our Midwest Signs Round 3 MX. We wouldn’t dare have wished the overnight rain away even though it made for a pretty soggy track for the first few rounds. Once again we want to thank Hartin Earthworks and our tireless volunteers for all the extra work that went into the track including some added safety features. Those refurbished tyre walls were very impressive!

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2019 Canobolas Motorcycle Club Committee

President: Janette Prior

Vice President: Rhys Campbell

Secretary: Greg Elliott

Treasurer: Linnie Dutton

Public Officer: John Prior

Sponsorship: Bec Owen and Karl Brabrook

Publicity: Joanne Smith and Sheree Hays

Merchandise: Linnie Dutton

Canteen Coordinator: Janette Prior