Canobolas MCC Back to Back Motorcross event 2019

Sat 30th March – Endorsement day

Private message us on facebook OR send an email to

Sun 31st March – Come & Try day + Recreational Ride day

• Combined Come & Try / Rec ride day
• 8.30am to 4.00pm
• 2019 Club Memberships sign up
• Junior memberships $35.00
• Senior memberships $45.00
• Family memberships $70.00

New Riders:
• Ride for FREE
• FREE entry & FREE ride
• FREE licence on the day
• Bring your race gear & bike
• Enter and sign up on the day

 Current Members and MA licence holders:
• MA licence holders – $30.00 entry fee
• Junior Day licence $30.00 + $30.00 entry fee
• Senior Day licence $30.00 + $40.00 entry fee
• Enter and sign up on the day


Any rider who has never previously held an MA Licence who participates in the Come & Try day can apply for a FREE 90-day Recreational Licence OR Mini Licence. That’s right, a FREE 3 month Non-competitive MA licence.

If you have a 4, 5 or 6 year old who wants to give Motorcycling a go, this is your chance to come see what it’s all about and have a ride.

All Canobolas riders are welcome to come have a ride!

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