Come Try Enduro Recreation Ride Day – Sunday 18 August 2019

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Come Try Enduro Recreation Ride Day

Sunday 18th August is the Come Try Recreational Ride day Echo, Lower Lewis Ponds (end of Post Office Lane, see link on this website for  map).
This is an opportunity for riders from age 4 to unlimited aged seniors to cut some laps on a competition level track. Supported by Motorcycling NSW, no race licence is required to attend and ride at this event.
We will have 2 tracks operational on the day.
The day starts at 7.30 with sign on and scrutineering of bikes, closing at 9.00. Then we will brief the riders on rules and how the day will run. First session will commence at around 9/9.30am, with the day concluding around 3pm.
Licenced riders are also welcome to attend on the day.
There is a minimal entry fee for riders to participate.
BRING CASH (there are no EFTPOS facilities).
Other things you need to know:
*Bring suitable riding gear – a helmet in good condition, goggles, gloves, boots etc.
*Scruntineering involves checking your bike to make sure that it is safe for yourself and other riders sharing the track – for example make sure there is no movement in your wheel bearings, levers must not be broken, have bar ends fitted and make sure throttles are self closing (a problem we see often on junior bikes).
*It’s a good idea to bring some spare tubes.
There will be a basic canteen running from mid morning until lunch – hot dogs, sausage sizzle, drinks, chips and lollies.
Oh, did I mention BRING CASH? 🙂
Further questions can be directed to Greg at Morris Motorcyles on 63621955

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