Prior Round 5 Motocross

Round 5 Motocross proudly sponsored by Janette Prior, Mental Health Consultant and Orange Motorcycle Service Centre.
Ridernet entries are now open and will close Friday 23 August at 11.00pm. Entries will be taken on the day, but everyone is encouraged to signup using Ridernet before the event to help speed up the process.

• 7.00am to 8.30am Sign on and scrutineering. There will be NO entries taken after 8.30am so don’t be late.
• 9.00am Riders briefing
• 9.30am Practice
• Racing will begin after practice

• Open from 8.00am
• Breakfast & lunch available
• Steak sandwiches, egg & bacon rolls, beef and gravy rolls, pies, sausage rolls.

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